Custom Special events

Allstar Sound was invited to provide production for a special event in Seattle Washington. We were presented with a challenge to put a concert stage in the back yard of a private residence. The first obstacle was how we were going to get the stage into the back yard. The only access to the yard was a narrow staircase of about 25 stairs. Everything had to hand carried down to the yard. So we reached out to a local labor provider. Our client then requested we provide an unobstructed view of the lake and sky at night. We had a custom clear top made for the stage and since Seattle sees a lot of rain it needed to be a peaked roof. On the load in day we had our share of rain, over an inch , of a steady down pour all day. The next day,show day, the rain kept up until just before sound checks. We had clear skies the rest of the day and night, and it turned out to be a great performance by Kenny Loggins. Of course the next day, for load out ,the rain returned.

Over the past 30 years Allstar Sound has been called upon  to help with full production in places where most companies will not venture. From the beaches of Cabo san Lucas ,to tennis courts on the east coast,

So when it comes to putting 80’x40’x40′ stage in a parking lot or in a park we approach it with the same enthusiasm  we have for all of our events .


New Avid Stage Rack

Allstar Sound just purchased a new S6L stage rack now offering over 112 channels for our Avid S6L. The purchased was made to cover a couple of shows that require over 100 channels.


Festivals 16

Has the festival season is upon Allstar Sound has many different options to meet a wide range of budgets.
Allstar Sound also can supply your festival with several different ways to help make your event run smooth. Suppling multiple consoles at monitors and front of house can make changes overs go faster and more efficient.

To find out more information gives us a call.

Corporate Events

When it comes to corporate events Allstar Sound has meet a lot of challenges over it’s 30 years. Some of the biggest are getting the entertainment production to blend into decor. Allstar Sound can work with the designers to help eliminate some of the challenges. This year we were asked to help with blending the production for the entertainment into the decor for an event. So working with the event planner we came up with look that would work with the technical/Disco theme. The main bar was centered in the event and was designed with truss and glass , lit with pinks and light shades of purple. Beyond the bar was the stage for the entertainment. We designed a roof, built with truss, with curved trusses with a suspended look for the back drop and moving lights mounted to the truss. We added up lighting to the roof to match the colors of the events, toped off with 40″ mirror ball.

Sound system consisted of a JBL 4886 compact line array system, Martin le 1200 monitors  with a Yamaha CL 5 for the mixing duties

We like to Thank CYM lighting for their help with design & lighting

JBL VTX M Stage Monitors New

VTX M Series is comprised of the dual 10” VTX M20 and the dual 12” VTX M22 professional stage monitors, both featuring high performance differential drive woofers and the large-format D2 dual-diaphragm dual voice-coil high frequency driver. The option of Single-Channel (Passive) or Dual-Channel (Bi-Amp) operation modes comes standard, allowing the user to choose the right option for the application, with no compromise in output power or performance. Drawing on JBL’s unique history of sharing technological innovations across product lines, the VTX M Series HF waveguide features Image Control Waveguide Technology, which gives both the VTX M20 and VTX M22 a broad and stable 60H x 60V coverage that delivers maximum gain-before-feedback. All of these premium, tour-ready features are enclosed in a pair of modern, low profile designs that are lightweight, ergonomic, and show-ready for even the most high profile concert or broadcast events. And because VTX M Series is part of the VTX family, it comes fully supported in JBL HiQNet Performance Manager with V5 presets.

As a member of the Harman group, we draw from the expertise and integration of the entire range of Harman Pro audio technologies. So, in addition to the best sound possible, setup, tuning, networking and controlling the VTX Series is efficient, intelligent and truly a system solution.

Dual 10″ Professional Stage Monitor
55 Hz – 19.5 kHz
Horizontal: 60; Vertical: 60
Passive: 1250 W Continuous (IEC / 100 hour)
Active: LF: 1250 W Continuous (IEC / 100 hour)
HF: 100 W Continuous (IEC / 100 hour)

Dual 12″ Professional Stage Monitor
45 Hz – 19.5 kHz
Horizontal: 60; Vertical: 60
Passive: 1500 W Continuous (IEC / 100 hour)
Active: LF: 1500 W Continuous (IEC / 100 hour)
HF: 100 W Continuous (IEC / 100 hour)

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