Sound System Rentals

Sound systems for all types of events Concerts, Corporate Events, Fairs, Festivals and Special events
Allstar Sound has sound systems meet any type of event Large concerts or Small PA systems. After more than twenty years of service Allstar Sound has etched it’s mark in the sound and production service industry.

Allstar Sound provide it’s customers with professional service, Highest quality equipment and friendly and knowledgeable staff. Our pride comes from helping you make your event success.

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Audio Visual

With Technology Changing at such a fast pace Allstar Sound has to stay on top of the new innovations so that we can bring our customers to the forefront of events. when a new product comes out there is somthing around the corner to take it’s place. Allstar Sound can design the technical needs for your event and keep you on top of all the new technology. and  this technology comming down in cost you will find that we can put you ahead of the market on just about any Budget.


When you put together a great sound & Lighting system with some primer audio visual equipment , you will find that it will enhance your event to reflect your companies success. With this spectacular combination you will set the standard for 2012, other companies will strive to accomplish.

Allstar Sound can help bring your events to the forefront of the corporate industry. we can do this with the perfect blend of quality equipment, professional service, and a considerate and gracious staff. We dedicate ourselves to help you make your event a success.

Setting the standard in reliability and efficiency Allstar Sound utilizes the perfect blend of quality and service to bring our clientele the best value in the industry. Weather you are renting a sound system or using our wide range of production services, you can rest assured that Allstar Sound is a sure bet.

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